HP LaserJet Printer error 79

How to Fix the Error 79 on HP LaserJet Printer 3050?

The HP LaserJet Printer 3050 Error 79 is a critical hardware error. There may be several reasons causing this error such as issues with the network cable, printer driver, motherboard, network or EIO card, firmware DIMMs, etc. This error can be solved out by either using the Repair tool or manuallyIf you are facing the same issue, then no need to agonize about it. You can solve this issue by following steps mentioned below suggested by HP Printer Technical Support.

Steps to Fix HP LaserJet Printer 3050 Error 79:


  • Detach  the power cable plug

You need to be confirm that HP LaserJet Printer 3050 is installed appropriately. Sometimes this error can be solve simply by disconnecting the power source. You must unplug the power cable to apply this process. Follow the steps mentioned below sequentially:

  1. Remove the Power cable of HP LaserJet Printer 3050.
  2. Wait for at least 2 to 3 minutes
  3. Connect again your power cable.
  4. Ensure if the error is resolved. In case if the error still occurs, you can try using the next method.
  • Execute Other Task
  • Network Replacement

Replace your network cable and the cycle power.

  • Removal of Network

Try removing the network and the cycle power.

  • Remove the DIMMs of the Printer

Try removing DIMMs for once and the cycle power.

  • Verify the motherboard of the printer

In order to test the motherboard, you will have to print by using parallel interface via parallel cable.

  • Cold reset

When the network is removed, execute a Cold Reset in the printer.

  • Now replace the Network or EIO Card

When the network cable is detached and the problem still present, try replacing the Network or EIO Card.

  • Replace the DIMMs Firmware of the printer

Next, you will have to execute the action of replacing the DIMMs Firmware.

  • Try replacing Formatter Board

If the error still present, users can replace the Formatter Board of the Printer.

  • To fix Error 79 Error, Update the Drivers of HP LaserJet Printer 3050

Often the old drivers in HP LaserJet Printers may cause the issues. Therefore it is suggested to update the printer drivers on time.

Dial HP LaserJet Printer Support Number For Any Issues

HP LaserJet Printer 3050 Error 79

We wish that above steps have surely help in troubleshooting this error. If this error still persists in you require technical assistance for this. Dial HP LaserJet Printer Support Number to resolve all your issues with the assistance of certified, trained & knowledgeable professionals having years of experience.  Our first priority is 100% customer satisfaction, thus we give best from our side.



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